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All-Area football offense - Trevon Brown

Trevon Brown of New Hanover High School is the offensive football player for 2012. This is the Instagram 'Nashville' filter. (Photo by Paul Stephen)

By Powell Latimer

Trevon Brown is used to attention – he got plenty from opposing defenses on the football field in 2012.

The New Hanover wide receiver would frequently look out from the line of scrimmage and see two or even three defenders lined up to cover him, stacked a few yards back.

In those situations, Brown couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’d say it to my teammates in practice all the time: When I can get the ball I’m going to score – and it doesn’t matter how many people are on me, I’ll catch it.”

Brown was right. Even three players often weren’t enough to keep Brown from getting the ball, and the 6-foot-3, 212-pound senior was faster than most cornerbacks and stronger than most linebackers once he caught it.

Brown hauled in 1,182 yards receiving on 64 catches and tallied19 total touchdowns on the season, leading New Hanover to the third round of the Class 4A state playoffs. For his career, the StarNews’ All-Area Offensive Player of the Year finished as New Hanover’s all-time leading receiver with 2,601 yards, according to the school.

“He put fear in opposing defensive coordinators,” New Hanover coach Kevin Motsinger said. “You hear that at every level. That’s the biggest compliment you can have is for the defensive coordinator to know who you are.”

By the middle of the season, the threat of Brown ripping off a big play was just as useful as an actual touchdown catch. Defensive backfields were hopelessly skewed towards Brown’s side of the field, and that opened things up for the rest of New Hanover’s offense.

“I know I’m a part of the team that they need to guard, so my whole team can do what they have to do,” Brown said. “It wasn’t all about the ball.”

Being the best decoy in Southeastern North Carolina at times was effective for New Hanover, but not exactly what Brown had in mind. Though he said he understood the larger plan, he still frequently begged coaches and quarterback Ward Coleman to call his number anyway.

“I told Ward all the time, if you don’t see anybody open just throw it up there and I’ll help you out,” Brown said.

The New Hanover coaching staff admitted that strategy wasn’t a bad one.

“That sounds crazy, but we like our chances with the ball in the air and Trevon in the general vicinity,” Motsinger said.

Brown also was economical with his big moments. Against Purnell Swett this season, he had seven touches – and seven touchdowns. In two matchups against New Bern, the Bears blanketed Brown with triple coverage both times. Brown still produced.

“I’ve never seen an individual player that got as much attention and then still got the yards,” Motsinger said.

“Even against New Bern when he caught the big touchdown pass, he had three guys on him and it’s in the back of the end zone, he still got his even when they were doing everything in their power to stop it.”

But for Brown, just as important as the individual accolades were what he was able to help do for New Hanover – the program finally broke a long-running streak of losses to rival Hoggard in 2011 and the Wildcats were undefeated against New Hanover County teams for two straight years. Brown said he was happy to be a successful part of New Hanover’s history.

“That’s why we came to the school, for all the legacy,” Brow said. “And our coaches tell all the time, we want to keep the torch lit.”

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All-area Football

First Team

QB Tariq Lane, So., Laney: Threw for 1,485 yards and ran for another 603. Responsible for 28 touchdowns.

RB Marcelias Sutton, Jr., James Kenan: Rushed for 1,804 yards and 19 touchdowns, averaging 8.89 yards per rush.

RB Montrell Baldwin, Sr., New Hanover: Rushed for 1,600 yards and 29 touchdowns.

RB Russell Washington, Sr., Harrells Christian: Ran for more than 2,900 yards & 45 touchdowns for Crusaders.

RB Khalil Gause, Sr., West Brunswick: Coach called him the heart and soul of West Brunswick. Rushed for 1,373 yards and 12 touchdowns.

WR/KR Trevon Brown, Sr., New Hanover (Player of the Year): Finished as New Hanover’s all-time receiving leader with 2,601 yards. Hauled in 1,182 yards on 64 catches and had 19 total TDs in 2012.

OL: Daniel Buck, Sr., South Columbus: First-team All-Waccamaw Conference

OL Frank Keller IV, Jr., Ashley: Screaming Eagles’ line leader for team that piled up more than 3,000 rushing yards in triple option.

OL Zack Kirkby, Sr., New Hanover: Senior center paved way for New Hanover’s rushing attack.

OL LaTyson Robinson, Jr., East Bladen: First-team All-Waccamaw Conference and named to 2A All-State team.

OL Larry Williams, Sr., Laney: Two-way lineman committed to ECU and blocked for an offense which aveaged 27 points per game.

ATH: Pharoah McKever, Sr., South Columbus (Player of the Year): combined 1,400 yards passing with 1,000 yards rushing, and had eight interceptions and 126 tackles as a safety. Signed to play at N.C. State.

DL Malik Moore, Jr., Hoggard: 43 tackles and five tackles for loss, leading Hoggard’s defensive line.

DL Caleb Fuller, Sr., New Hanover: First-team All-Mideastern Conference.

DL Kymothy Murphy, Sr., Pender: Leader of Pender’s offensive and defensive lines for the past three years.

LB Julius Reynolds, So, Hoggard: Led the Vikings with 81 total tackles, including 11 for loss. Also had an interception, two deflections and a forced fumble.

LB Coult Culler, Jr., Laney: Mideastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year

LB Kashon McCall, New Hanover: Emotional leader of the Wildcat defense.

LB Mason Kimmel, Sr., Topsail: Led Pirates with 109 tackles

DB Gary Darling, Jr., West Brunswick: 35 tackles and four interceptions, returned two picks for touchdowns.

DB Mack Jenkins, Sr., East Columbus: Defensive Player of the Year in the Three Rivers Conference.

DB De’Quan Williams, Sr., Hoggard: Seven interceptions to lead Hoggard, and returned one interception for a score. Also had 32 tackles and two for loss.

DB Khalil Morris, Sr., New Hanover: Top defensive back for Ne wHanover

K Alec Webster, Sr., Topsail: 5 touchbacks, 28-for-33 on extra points and 6-for-9 on field goals

P Colby Weiner, Jr., Laney: 24 punts for 921 yards, a 38.38 average.

Second Team

QB–Christian Poveromo, Sr., Hoggard

RB–Sheldon Cooper, Sr., Hoggard; Nick McClure, Jr., East Columbus; Quincy Rhodes, Sr., Ashley; Devin Williams, Sr., Topsail.

WR–Ryan Edmonds, Sr., Hoggard

OL–Treyquan Brown, Sr., New Hanover; Cody Fowler, Sr., South Columbus; Scott Houghteling, Sr,. Topsail; Eli Prindable, Sr., Ashley; Cutter Troutman, Sr., Hoggard;

DL–Hunter Howard, Sr., West Brunswick; Michael Melendez, Sr., James Kenan; Jaylan Williams, Sr., James Kenan

LB–Rodney Hansley, Sr., New Hanover; Jacquel Holliday, Sr., New Hanover; Juan Hooper, So., James Kenan; Parker Whitlow, Sr., Hoggard

DB–Sam Frank, Sr., Laney; T.J. Fullwood, Jr., James Kenan; Phillip Gause, Sr., West Brunswick; Montell Stallings, Sr., East Duplin

KR–Dijion Poole, East Duplin

ATH–Derrick Young, Sr., East Columbus

K–Max Hernandez, So., James Kenan

P–Christian Evans, Sr., Hoggard

Third team

QB–Ward Coleman, So., New Hanover

RB–Sam Dixon, So., Pender; Markel Jones, Sr., West Brunswick; Ramone Simpson, Jr., New Hanover; Jaquan Williams, So., James Kenan

WR–Jacen Murphy, Sr., New Hanover

OL–Phillip Andrews, Sr., East Columbus; Julian Birch, Sr., South Brunswick; Baird Kilpatrick, Sr., James Kenan; Jordan Musslewhite, Sr., New Hanover; Evan Pritt, Sr., Ashley

DL–Elijah Gresham, Sr., East Columbus; James Prince, Sr., South Brunswick; Jabril Robinson, Sr., North Brunswick

LB–Dashaun Daniels, Jr., South Columbus; Addison Futrell, Sr., Topsail; Tyler Hickey, Sr., North Brunswick; Tyleke Moore, Jr., New Hanover

DB–Hunter Jacobs, Sr., Topsail; Carlos Mack, Sr., Laney; Greg Melvin, Sr., East Columbus; Kirk Messick, Sr., Hoggard

KR–Ryan Edmonds, Sr., Hoggard

ATH–Trey Eller, Sr., Ashley

K–Alan Wells, Sr., New Hanover

All-Conference Teams

Mideastern Conference

First Team: Ashley–Randy Eller, Frank Keller, Quincy Rhodes. Hoggard–Tai Apisa, Sheldon Cooper, Ryan Edmonds, Malik Moore, Christian Poveromo, DeQuan Williams. Laney– Coult Culler, John Elbeck, Sam Frank, Tariq Lane, Carlos Mack. New Bern–Frank Abbondanza, Marquay Becton, Bra’lon Cherry, NaQuandre Hill, Kyle O’Connor, Josh Taylor, Jac Watkins. New Hanover–Montrell Baldwin, Treyqyan Brown, Trevon Brown, Caleb Fuller, Rodney Hansley, Zak Kirkby, Ramone Simpson. Rose–Christian Pleasant, Chandler Powell, Eric Smith, Kentavius Street.

Second Team: Ashley–Chris Kane, Antonio Williams. Hoggard– Julius Reynolds, Cutter Troutman, Parker Whitlow. Laney–Ian Bergman, R.J. Pearsall. New Bern–Tyler Ebron, James Fields, Mike Hughes, Camden Reddick. New Hanover–Marcel Anderson, Josh Barrett, Jacquel Holliday, Noah Sonne. Rose–Kwan Hart, Trashon Matthews, Javon Sharpe.

Offensive POY: Josh Taylor, New Bern. Defensive POY: Coult Culler, Laney. Coaches of the year: Bobby Curlings, New Bern; Kevin Motsinger, New Hanover. Sportsmanship: Hoggard, Ashley.

Waccamaw Conference

First Team: East Bladen–Rasheem Keith, Latyson Robinson, Farrell Murchison, Allen Sephens, Stan Sims, Jaylan Herring, Alex Stephens. North Brunswick–Graham Rivenbark, Tarik Fisher, Jabril Robinson, Randy Clark, Kihiem Bowden. South Brunswick–James Prince, Malik Douglas, Dylan Mosley, Jahkhrii Smith. South Columbus–Pharoah McKever, Reid Worley, Ransford Bellamy, Perry Keene, Dashaun Daniels, Samuel Dixon, Reggie Frink. West Bladen–Ed Owens, Zach Wilcox, Malcolm Vaught. West Brunswick–Markel Jones, Khalil Gause, Hunter Howard, Gary Darling, Phillip Gause, John Shipman, Bobby McRainey, Daniel Locklear, Trevor McKenzie. Whiteville–Robert Smith, Rhasheem McMillan, Zach Ward, Ryan Ciamillo., Whiteville

Second Team: East Bladen–Wesley Cross, Christian McCullum, Denind Gamble, Fabian McCoy, Larrell Murchison, Alex Alvarez, Balaji Ashe. North Brunswick–Tyler Hickey, Dyquan Robinson, Mark Stacy, Shane Polletta, Kevon Perkins. South Brunswick–Nicky Beecroft, Julian Birch, Johnie Bryant, Blaine Tucker. South Columbus–Stone Spivey, Rashaad Chatman, Troy Nye, Rayquan Gore, Davon Johnson, Gage McPherson, Daniel Buck. West Bladen–Parker Allen, Frank Moultrie, Tavion Graham. West Brunswick–Marquie Brown, Josh Dispirto, Quentin Ash, Jaleel Bryant, Matt Brayboy, Kavonte Gore, Shermonde Fullwood, Whiteville–Spencer Campbell, Aljere Adams, Tasean Shipman, Zach Wilson.

East Central Conference

Clinton–Blake Ellis, Owen Hunt, Greg Smith, Tykearion Stevens. Croatan–Dillon Bannigan, Mitchell Smith, Johnathan Rigsby, Billy Ryan. East Duplin–Malik Baker, Dijon Poole, Zac Parker, Blaze Tanner, Tyrone Faison, Deonta Pickett, Florencio Laporte. Northside–Trey Eason, Josh Cabrera, Kendall Lark, Matt Lafferty, Zach Sinclair, Markel Jones, DeJarvis Eaddy, Lee Locke. Richlands–Kadarius McQueen, Ethan Horne, Ian McClusky. South Lenoir–Dion Jones, Dakota Lynn. Swansboro–DeAndre Tompkins, Shane Hill. Topsail–Austin Schoenleber, Devin Williams, Scott Houghteling, Mason Kimmel, Addison Futtrell.

Offensive POY: Dwayne Johnson, Northside. Defensive POY: Kyle Colborn, Croatan. Coaches of the Year: Bryan Davis, Topsail, and Bob Eason, Northside